No. 9GF, Jalan 1/2, Taman Kajang Impian,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor

Our  Board of Directors /Shareholders


Mohd Najmi Aimin b Rahmat, age 28 years old is a  Commercial Pilot attached to  Malaysia Airlines Berhad.  He has a Diploma  in Civil Aviation from Asia Pacific Flying School, Malaysia.

Nurul Azurin bt  Rahmat, age 33 years old  is  MBA ( Finance ) holder from Open University, Kuala Lumpur. Now serve HSBC , Cyberjaya  Office as  its  Manager, Global Banking Unit.

Mohd Nazrul Halil Ab Bakar, age 39 years old had Diploma in Civil Engineering from  Twintech International University College, Kuala Lumpur is Head of  Pest Control Services.


Our  Senior Management


Hj Rahmat Awi, age 63 years old  is Head, Business Operations Group and  has MBA  ( Finance )  from Oklahoma City  University, USA.  He has  30 years  of experience in  banking, finance and investment  industry and  10 years in pest control outfit.

Natasha Azmin Rahmat, age 30  years old  is Head, Customer Operations Group, has Diploma in Building Facilities Management from University of Malaya.

Hj Mhad Fudzi Ahmad, age 65 years old  is an Advisor, Technical and Systems Unit. He  has (BSc,  Electrical Engineering) from  Brighton Polytechnic, UK  and had 26 years with Telekom Malaysia.

Ros Azam Ab Shukor, age 54 years old  is Advisor, Safety and Health unit . He has BSc (Electrical  Eng) from Tri-State University, Indiana,  USA. Has 20  years  in Building facilities  management industry.

Mejar Nasir Tumin, age 54 years old  is Advisor,  Business Development  & Sales unit.  He has Diploma in Logistic Management from UKM. Has 20 years with the Malaysian Army Regiment.

Puan Zarina Mokhtar, age 54 years old is Advisor, Business Operations  Group. She is an experience administrator, used to be working with local bank and a construction companies prior joining our team.